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Attorney Yaser Masood has advised and represented companies and individual clients from United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, China, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, UAE and many other countries. His experience with the legalities of business is extensive, ranging from setting up business entities to serving as general counsel. He’s represented individuals, small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and large corporations across a wide range of industries including IT, real estate, staffing, construction, and auto.

Yaser received his LL.M. from London University and practiced law internationally for about 15 years before relocating his practice to Houston in April, 2020. He founded Yaser Masood Law PLLC to bring the same knowledgeable representation, dogged determination and personalized service to businesses and individuals in Texas.

Unlike many business lawyers, Yaser is experienced in and open to both transactional and litigation matters. Common areas of service include:

  • General counsel services
  • Business litigation
  • E2 visa applications
  • Contract drafting
  • Insurance claims
  • Contract disputes
  • Advice and representation in trademark matters
  • Personal injury

Yaser Masood Law PLLC offers a unique combination of benefits to business clients. As a promising firm with a seasoned business lawyer and litigator at the helm, we are prepared to get to know your business and expand the services we offer as your needs grow and change.

While Yaser brings more than a decade of international experience in business law to your case, he is also a practitioner focused on building relationships with clients and attending to their specific needs. You’ll find Yaser accessible, plain-spoken, open to your questions, and dedicated to helping your business succeed. That’s one reason Yaser has a wide range of satisfied, loyal clients. Don’t take our word for it: see Yaser’s client reviews.

Yaser sees research, writing and analysis as some of his greatest strengths as an attorney, and enjoys tackling complex cases that require a deeper dive into the facts and law. When it’s beneficial to the client, he’ll partner with another attorney or law firm to litigate a case.

Yaser grew up in Pakistan but Houston has been new home for almost a decade now. He is opinionated and loves to spend free time with his family and friends. He loves exploring new cultures, restaurants and workout places. Yaser is comfortable talking to people from different countries and regions and getting to know their experiences, life has brought to them.

Memberships and Admissions:

State Bar of Texas

Houston Bar Association

Asian American Bar Association of Houston

South Asian Bar Association of Houston

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